Newfound is a digital travel magazine with a focus on unconventional stories, places and people.

I will always focus on telling stories and sharing content that is unique. My aim with Newfound is to take you to a place you’ve never been - to show you a part of the world you’ve never seen this way before, to provide access to stories you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise, to help you discover a new culture, learn something about people and their way of living.
My purpose is to help you see the beauty of this world. I want to inspire you by showcasing stories and places that haven’t been captured in quite the same way anywhere else.

One of my core values is beauty. This shows in the stories I decide to share - there will always be something beautiful (especially visually) about each story, place and person.

I’m passionate about sustainability, nutrition, wellbeing, and natural living, so I often include content that covers those aspects. 


Who's behind the magazine?

I’m Helena, the photographer, writer and editor behind Newfound. The magazine serves as an inspirational portfolio, showcasing my work across food, travel and portrait photography. My background is in documentary photography, which shows in the natural and candid feel and approach I take to capture stories.

I'm also a huge Pinterest lover and influencer with over 750,000 followers. If you're interested in collaborating, or want to chat about sponsorship or a project, please get in touch.