Bangkok Street Food Adventures

I’ve tried a lot of street food during my time in Thailand, starting in Bangkok. Eating my way through Pad Thai to Pad See Ew to some unknown noodle soup served by local street food vendors missing any English menu description. Pad Thai and Pad See Ew were my safe go-to options, though I soon learned that being able to pronounce “vegetarian” (and ideally being able to explain that it means no meat at all) in Thai is of great help as well.

A Guide to Navigating Travel Recommendations

Everyone has different expectations when they travel. We all come from different backgrounds, prefer different things and have unique ways of how we like to see the world.

This became obviously clear to me during my recent trip to South East Asia. I spent a considerable amount of time researching cafes, restaurants and hotels, reading Google and Tripadvisor reviews, marking them on Google Maps, and then spent even more time trying out all the places. Over the course of 2,5 months travelling I became pretty good at researching and assessing places.

The 5 Best Bali Experiences

While all the places I stayed at in Bali were special, and all the massages, spa treatments, and food I’ve had were great, a few experiences stood out in particular. It’s hard to choose, but the ones below are some of my very favourite places and experiences I’ve had in Bali that I would 100% come back for and 110% recommend.

Bali Pros + Cons

Everyone I talk to seems to absolutely love Bali. I spent three weeks there and found some things I loved just as much as everyone else, and a few things that I wasn’t quite so fond of. In hopes of helping you decide whether Bali’s right for you, and in addition to my Guide to Navigating Travel Recommendations, below are my pro and con views on Bali.

Relaxing and Tropical Dream Vibes at Boho Bingin Beach

I spent my last two night in Bali at Boho Bingin Beach. Boho has such a nice, relaxed, light, and calm vibe. Maybe not such a big surprise, seeing it’s only a few minutes walk from one of Bali’s most beautiful and secluded beaches. I picked Boho at Bingin beach exactly for that reason - as I was researching beautiful, less well-known beaches in Bali I came across Bingin, and Boho looked like the perfect boutique hotel in the area. (They also have Boho Hills Dreamland and Boho Hills in Canggu opening soon).

Hydrangeas, Coffee, and Infinity Mountain Views at Munduk Moding Plantation

It wasn’t hard to fall in love with Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP). Being located high up in the Balinese mountains, the drive there was beautiful. Just before we arrived at MMP, we drove past numerous hydrangea fields - possibly my favourite flower ever. Hydrangea farming is the main business and source of income for people living in Asah Gobleg, the closest village to MMP. Seeing the flowers everywhere got me excited.