A complete food and coffee guide to Chiang Mai

A complete food and coffee guide to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s food scene is huge! I doubt that even a few months of living there would be enough to try every single cafe. You’ll probably find yourself exploring the city’s culinary highlights a few times per day given it’s cheaper, easier and quicker to eat out than to cook yourself. I spent a considerable amount of time researching and finding the best food spots the city has to offer, and so I’ve put together this guide to the best food of Chiang Mai - based on the places I managed to try myself and would actually recommend (or not recommend, as noted).

Nimman Area:

  1. Baan Por Dee

  2. SS1254372 Cafe at Gallery Seescape

  3. Anchan Vegetarian

  4. Graph Cafe (delicious coffee “cocktails”)

  5. Burmese Library (try the Tea Leaf Salad)

  6. Vegetarian Stall at Maya Food Court

  7. Mini Croissants at Saint Etoile (at Maya Food Court)

  8. Tidmor Restaurant (they only do one thing, potstickers, and they do it well)

  9. Healthy B

  10. Manifreshto

  11. RK Cafe by Omnia

Old City:

  1. Goodsouls Kitchen (+ Reform Kafe)

  2. Morning Glory

  3. Khun Kae’s Juice Bar

  4. Nowhere Coffee Shop

  5. Juice stall at the Sunday night market (one of the best juices/shakes (and only 25 baht) I could find in Chiang Mai along with Khun Kae. Go to the east end in the food court area around Wat Samphao. It’s not the one right at the West entrance, but a few stalls in on the right (if you enter from the West side of that little area). The lady doesn’t add any water and has a good selection of fruits. The first time I went, she even made what I asked for (which wasn’t prepared in a cup yet). I got pink dragonfruit and passionfruit, the second time around I had one of the already prepared ones (lychee, pineapple, white dragonfruit and green apple). Both were really good!

  6. Bird’s Nest

  7. Tein Sieng Vegetarian

  8. Taste From Heaven (for the brownies)

While in Chiang Mai I got into a bit of a “pancakes for breakfast” thing. I’m not sure if it was the rain and humidity that made me feel like eating pancakes at least once a day, or just the excitement of trying and reviewing yet another plate of pancakes.

If you’re feeling the pancake mood as well when exploring Chiang Mai, here’s my list of pancake recommendations.

  1. Bird’s Nest

  2. Goodsouls Kitchen

  3. Aum Vegan & Vegetarian restaurant

  4. Noi’s Place

  5. Peppermaint Restaurant

I hope this food guide will come in handy when you plan your trip to Chiang Mai, or on a morning where you wake up and you’re just craving… pancakes, tea leaf salad, or maybe just a good cup of coffee.
Have you been to Chiang Mai and tried any of the places? Any other recommendations you would add? Share below! :)

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Baking Bread at Baan Por Dee