All in 09 Tokyo

Tokyo / 04

Of course I did some research and spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest searching for cool Tokyo coffee shops and vegetarian places before travelling there.
However, on the day I went to have lunch and coffee at one of the places I found online it was actually closed. So I kept walking, being freezing cold and desperately in need of a hot cup of (good!) coffee and some heartwarming food. Having your camera out all the time in winter isn't exactly what your hands and fingers long for either. I was lucky when I came across this cute little place called Itonowa.

Tokyo / 03

Another day spent wandering the streets of Tokyo, this time exploring the old suburbs, which felt very much like going back in time ( - back to what I imagine communist times might have felt like). I loved the feel of these streets, being surrounded by weird, random things. So many little alleyways to explore with so many little details.

Tokyo / 01

I spent a few days in Tokyo at the beginning of this year - exploring, trying to find the best vegetarian sushi, and navigating my way around the city. Here are some of my captured impressions of this crazy, crazy city where everything seems to be happening all at once all in one place.