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In conversation with Love Tea - on healing, nourishing, and sustaining our bodies and the planet

A little while ago I reached out to Emma at Love Tea, a tea company based just outside of Melbourne, designing and selling natural teas inspired by Naturopathy. Love Tea has always been a favourite of mine since my first few days in Melbourne. The first blend I bought was their Raspberry Leaf tea, which I knew would support my cycle - I couldn’t find many other options for cycle support out there and so I kept coming back to Love Tea.

Making positive change happen: in conversation with Long Street Coffee

A day in the life of a startup follows a business from its early stage steps through growth pains and new opportunities to a sustainable, independent enterprise.
We go back every few months to document the change happening to provide useful insights and inspiration, sharing direct and real learning opportunities, and empowering entrepreneurs and people wanting to make a change.

A different kind of hairdresser

I found Tom when I first moved to Melbourne. I've always been a lover of unconventional hairdressers, avoiding traditional hair salons. Tom's very interesting to talk to. Maybe I'm naturally drawn to unconventional thinkers, but I knew from our conversations that there was a lot of valuable knowledge and interesting insights to be covered.

Preserving the Earth while promoting well-being - a beautiful conversation with rhoeco

It’s always exciting when you come across a new, young brand that’s totally aligned with your values and that you instantly feel connected to. That’s what happened with rhoeco, a newly established tea company from Greece that produces organic herbal teas to promote well-being while preserving the Earth. rhoeco aims to promote zero waste, choosing ethically sourced goods, and staying away from pointless consumerism.

The New Artisans: 5 & Dime / Zev Forman

To start off The New Artisans I talked to Zev Forman, professional bagel baker and founder of 5 & Dime. Zev started 5 & Dime mainly out of frustration with a lack of ‘real’ bagels in Australia. Having grown up in New Jersey in the States he knows that the saying ‘if it ain’t boiled, it ain’t a bagel’ is true. The fact that the bagel is a very labour-intensive worker’s bread with humble beginnings also played a big role in making it an attractive entrepreneurial journey. 5 & Dime is possibly the best example of a sustainable business that’s based on a quality product made by hand, sold fresh every couple of hours - bagels made for people by people.
ev tells us more about the process of baking bagels, the early beginnings of this type of bread, and the importance of systems.

On astronauts, India, and making the impossible possible: a magical conversation

Vyom Sharma does a lot of things. He creates magic shows, spends hours working as a doctor, writes for medical magazines and has been published in various newspapers. Sometimes when you’re working so much you forget to put your ego aside and ask “why”, which is what this interview is all about. There are deeper motivations behind the things we do every day, and if we look closely and dig a little deeper we can all benefit from them.

How to grow a business and life

Start the story five years ago, when a guy who got lost on a stag do ended up at a random bar by himself. That’s where he met another guy, about 20 years older, a lecturer from Melbourne who was visiting the city. They start talking, feel like they’re made of the same stuff, stay in touch. They don’t see each other for the next five years.
Fast-forward to August 2015 when they meet again, this time in Sydney. The lecturer knows another friend he hasn’t seen for a while who lives in Sydney. That guy (let’s call him guy number three) invites the lecturer to come see him.

A conversation about creativity, obscure podcasts and working under pressure

Sophie started Grain & Knot, her wooden kitchenware company, just over a year ago. She hand carves each spoon, knife and board from reclaimed timber, keeping her hands busy whenever possible, putting her love for the wooden goods before splinters and cut fingers. 
According to her own website, “she always searched for new and exciting artistic outlets” after graduating and wanted to get away from the constant glare of the computer screen.

Hand cream ads versus smiles, the power of our stories, and green dinosaur jumpers

esse is one of a kind. He’s the kind of person you call ‘a character’ - pink shirt, denim jacket, purple shorts, a blue and a yellow sock. It pretty much sums up his personality. He’s torn between loving and hating new ideas. He can’t be put in a box. He builds genuine relationships with people that are real. That’s it, no business vs personal life distinction. He’s ambitious about smiling, green dinosaurs, and magic jumpers - you’ve just got to love him.

How to build relationships and grow big

met Victoria a while ago, a few months maybe, a time that doesn’t feel very long. I got to know her very well over the period of just one or two months, it’s been a journey of getting closer and sharing a lot of personal stories, experiences and adventures, late night cups of chai tea, and some fluorescent face paint.

Why having a purpose is so important - for coffee and business

If you’re in London chances are you’ve heard of Pact Coffee by now. Either because I’ve told you about it, enthusiastically trying to get you to buy their coffee, or because you’ve seen ads offering £1 fresh, high-quality coffee on the tube, Facebook, or on a billboard. And if you haven’t come across Pact before, you might be looking it up by now. Coffee for £1 sounds pretty good, right?