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A Hobbit, Spaceship, Tropical Breakfast Love Story - SS1254372 Cafe

Being a photographer and choosing my food according to the looks of it, I spend a good amount of time looking at food pictures. I had seen several tropical french toast creations all over the internet before coming to Chiang Mai, and that’s exactly what I wanted for breakfast on my very first morning there. And I sure ended up finding the best one at SS1254372 Cafe.

Relaxing and Tropical Dream Vibes at Boho Bingin Beach

I spent my last two night in Bali at Boho Bingin Beach. Boho has such a nice, relaxed, light, and calm vibe. Maybe not such a big surprise, seeing it’s only a few minutes walk from one of Bali’s most beautiful and secluded beaches. I picked Boho at Bingin beach exactly for that reason - as I was researching beautiful, less well-known beaches in Bali I came across Bingin, and Boho looked like the perfect boutique hotel in the area. (They also have Boho Hills Dreamland and Boho Hills in Canggu opening soon).

New Zealand / 07

From Nelson we went on a day trip to Abel Tasman National Park. We instead spent some time by the beach, reading and relaxing. After a week traveling, a lot of time spent in the car, and sleeping at camping grounds, we actually really felt a lot like relaxing and not doing much at all.

New Zealand / 01

The next few posts to follow will be picture heavy - mainly photo stories of my trip through New Zealand when my mum came over to visit this March/April.
I love New Zealand - always have. Anyone who has ever been will probably agree with me. It's such a beautiful country, one of the best places to go on a road trip.

Tokyo / 04

Of course I did some research and spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest searching for cool Tokyo coffee shops and vegetarian places before travelling there.
However, on the day I went to have lunch and coffee at one of the places I found online it was actually closed. So I kept walking, being freezing cold and desperately in need of a hot cup of (good!) coffee and some heartwarming food. Having your camera out all the time in winter isn't exactly what your hands and fingers long for either. I was lucky when I came across this cute little place called Itonowa.