Audience Demographics (based on Pinterest):

Newfound reaches an engaged worldwide audience of openminded travellers, explorers and adventurers with the majority of readers being based in the US, Australia, and across Europe.

Female: 82%
Male: 18%

Follower count: 758,000
Average monthly viewers: 418,000
Average daily impressions: 20,000

Collaboration opportunities:

Newfound works best with travel destinations and brands, wellbeing/wellness brands, tourism boards, restaurants/cafes, and co-working/living spaces for digital nomads. Newfound's core values include sustainability, natural wellbeing, beautiful design and attention to detail, so brands with an aligned focus are the best fit for mutually beneficial collaboration outcomes.

Exclusive Magazine Content - AUD $250

I will create exclusive, high-quality content showcasing your brand to help you reach a new audience. Features are written in an engaging, informal tone that connect with my audience, and include professional photography.

Pinterest Promotion - AUD $100 per post ($350 for 5 posts)

I only offer Pinterest promotion as it is my main, and most powerful, channel. Pinterest's unique value lies in its ability to drive traffic even years after publishing the original content, as well as spreading indefinitely like a spiderweb.

Photography - AUD $400

With a focus on documentary-style, natural storytelling, my photography captures the unique atmosphere of a place and destination. Being able to capture a viewer's attention and transport them to another world is where photography really becomes a powerful tool in communicating your brand in the right way. I will provide you with an image pack of both low and high resolution images (30-50) to use across social media, web, and for marketing purposes.

Package Deal: Magazine Content, Pinterest Promotion (5 posts) + Photography - AUD $800

All three services go best hand in hand and are interconnected. Pinterest is a visual search engine and requires beautiful, engaging photography (with specific dimension, requirements, and attention to detail). As each Pinterest post links back to a blog post or magazine article, this deal offers the most value for your brand, driving traffic long-term.

Tailored Campaigns and Content Creation

We'll work together to promote your brand and share your story through a bespoke combination of magazine and social media coverage. Available for ongoing and long-term partnerships.

If you have a set budget, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am always happy to negotiate a mutually beneficial price if our brand values are aligned and we work well together. I always aim to work with you to fit your individual needs. Every brand is unique, so please let me know your goals and we can chat!

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