Here's what I'm doing at the moment (inspired by Derek Sivers' initial idea

I'm booking wedding photography shoots in Melbourne and Australia.

I'm developing, styling, and photographing recipes for the blog, and write content on subjects including yoga, healthy and nutritious food, the endocrine system and hormones.  I'm also looking for regular contributors.

I'm staying fit through yoga, weightlifting, and eating healthy, clean, unprocessed food.

I've also set up a Creative Breakfast event for January and am brainstorming relevant topics. I want to come up with something a bit different and unusual, based around healthy and mindful living, sustainable business, creativity and general wellbeing. I don't want it to be the usual "how mindfulness can help you be more productive" type of theme. Something with a new angle that's actually helpful.

Another new thing I'm focusing on is Photography consulting and Pinterest mentoring. This is something I really love and enjoy, so I'm looking to book a few new clients for January.
Talking about teaching - I'm also running a free photography workshop on 3 December in Melbourne.

Overall I'm focused on two main things right now: First, shaping this blog's direction towards healthy and conscious living, fitness, healthy food, wellness and wellbeing. 
Second, I am focused on creating community, connection and collaboration.

This update was 23 Nov 2016.